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  1. Instrument Bezel

    Doing better, I’m only a month behind on this one! I had a good discount at Summit Racing from buying some of my exhaust parts, but I didn’t have anything I particularly needed. Since the chrome on my instrument bezel is completely worn, I picked up a new ...

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  2. New Exhaust

    Another delayed update. I replaced the entire exhaust system back in June. I had a couple leaks around the muffler, all the pipes were really rusty, and the exhaust manifold was starting to crack, so I figured it’d be best if I went ahead and replaced it all.

    I ...

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  3. Turn signal switch

    Okay, a very much delayed update—nothing new there, I suppose… Anyway, a few months ago I started having issues with my turn signals. The front ones worked fine if I remember right, but the rear ones were having issues. Something along the lines of the right one worked fine ...

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  4. Shifter handle rebuild

    And one more thing that I did back in January. The shifter’s been pretty sloppy feeling ever since I bought the car, but I never did anything about it since I didn’t know how it was “supposed” to feel. Over the past several months, I noticed it seemed ...

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  5. Front drum brake rebuild

    As I mentioned in my last post, I rebuilt the front drum brakes in November. I had no idea when they were last changed out, and the previous owner didn’t seem to know anything about them either from what I remember. So I went ahead and did a full ...

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  6. It’s been awhile—I moved

    Hey everyone, so as I’m sure you noticed, the site’s been offline for awhile and I haven’t posted any updates in awhile otherwise. I got a new job and moved to Cincinnati at the end of November. I’m just now getting my server and everything setup ...

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  7. Export brace installed

    I actually did this about a month ago, but never posted about it. I picked up the Scott Drake export brace and got it installed, but it was a bit of a pain. It wouldn’t quite drop in, even if I jacked the car up along the engine crossmember ...

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