Doing a bit better

I’ve been driving the Mustang around a fair bit the past few days. It’s giving me issues here and there, but overall it’s going pretty well.

The idle is still rough with the engine shaking around, and nothing I’ve tried points to anything wrong. Idle a/f mix seems okay, all mounts are new and tight, pulling any plug wire results in a change, timing is at 10 degrees…

It also sometimes has a bit of jerkiness when just cruising off the throttle, especially around 35-40mph in 3rd it seems.

A couple days ago it was stumbling really badly unless I got on it more than usual. It seems that adjusting the carb float fixed that problem, at least so far.

I also replaced the stock-style ignition coil with a Pertronix Flame-Thrower. I’m still running the points while I figure out what exactly I want to do. I have a couple DS2 modules, although I’m not certain if either’s good. I’ve also found some transistor assisted ignition modules that might be good interim options, as they’re fairly cheap. Going to a DS2 requires me to switch the carb as well as the distributor due to the factory distributor being the Load-O-Matic that uses a spark control valve in the carb. The transistor assisted modules retain the points as a trigger method, so I don’t need to change the carb or distributor.

My instrument cluster lights went out last night as I was driving. It was just the fuse, so I replaced that today and they’re fine again.

When I was driving last night, it ran really well for around 1/2 an hour. After that, it started to get a little jerky again. I’m guessing something must be getting a little too warm. I removed the heater hoses from the carb spacer, so maybe that’ll help. It seemed okay tonight, but I didn’t drive for all that long.

I’ve also hit about 100 miles on it since finishing everything. :)