Autolite 2100 update


I’ve been working on getting the Autolite 2100 2 barrel installed and setup. I rebuilt it with a NAPA kit and installed a universal manual choke kit, though there’s no good place to mount one of the brackets so I’ll need to figure something else out for it—either going back to the hot air choke or making my own bracket.

With the 2100 on, it’s tending to be difficult to start. I have to increase the idle speed at the screw, start it, and then lower the idle speed again. It also won’t idle below around 1200 rpm. I’m pretty sure there’s a vacuum leak somewhere, and the power valve from the rebuild kit may be causing issues as well. With the cam I only have around 13-14” of idle vacuum, so it might be opening at idle. Not totally sure.


As mentioned in the last post, I ran into issues with the reman Duraspark II distributor I bought. I ended up grabbing one from the junkyard; it’s from an ‘83 Fairmont. I was able to get it in and wired to the Mopar box and it ran fine. Well, fine for it, anyway, and only temporarily.

The ignition box died a day or two ago. It died while it was running, and I figured it was just from the carb since it had done it before. But no matter what I adjusted, it would never restart. I eventually decided to check the spark and had nothing. I dropped my old distributor with the points back in and it started up. Then I connected the points distributor to the ignition box like I had it last week, and it wouldn’t start again. I’m debating whether to grab another Mopar box (though a different brand) or go with something else.

Throttle Cable

I also should figure out a new setup for the throttle cable, as the brackets I made aren’t quite thick enough. They’re both bending a little bit as the cable is pulled, and I’m not very fond of how close one puts the cable to the exhaust and some other components right now.

That’s about it for now.