This blog is primarily about my ‘65 Ford Mustang coupe and the work I’ve been doing to it. The Mustang was originally silver smoke gray, hence the SSG in the name. It’s now Poppy Red/Calypso Coral, or a color similar to it.

I bought the car back in August of 2009 for a daily driver, but it didn’t quite work out that way. I replaced the floor pans and some other rusty metal, got the engine rebuilt, amongst other things trying to get it going again. I started daily driving it in the summer of 2012 and had it as my only car until early 2015, so it saw a couple winters. I’ve been using the past couple winters to make some changes to it and make it safer/more fun/etc. I’ve driven it around 30,000 miles since I bought it.

More info: Built in Dearborn with a scheduled build date of July 29, 1965 (29U). Kansas City DSO. I think the car sat for at least several years, though I have no idea what the actual history is. The seller had put a different set of wheels and tires on it, and those had roughly 300 miles on them when I bought it—the other set of wheels and tires he gave me (steelies) had tires from probably the late ‘70s. So who knows. It’s been through some sort of a “restoration” before I bought it; I think it may have been done in the early 90s, at least that’s when the seatbelts are from. I’ve had to redo a bunch of the work that was done to it before I got it because it just wasn’t right.

Mustang when I bought it in 2009
Right after I bought it in 2009
With 13" steelies and old whitewall tires (not something I ever actually left on)
Or with the other wheels and tires that came with it (picture from 2012)
Mustang 7 years later in 2016
7 years later in 2016