Sticking with the one-barrel still…

Well, at least for right now I’m still sticking with the 1100 one-barrel carburetor. I cleaned all the passages I could get to in the 2100 with pieces of wire. It still refused to idle, no matter how I adjusted it. Hold the throttle open a bit and it would run, but of course that put it at 1500-2000 rpm or so, and as soon as I let off, it’d die. Pretty aggravating.

Since the 0.064” jet in the 1100 still felt a little lean, I took a random diamond burr Dremel bit I had and enlarged the opening in a spare 64 jet a little. It ended up around 0.067” or so I think. With that in, it definitely feels like it has more power, and it doesn’t seem to be pinging at all either.

With the 1100 carb, I don’t have a ported vacuum source for the DS2 distributor. I tried running manifold vacuum but it resulted in even more shaking and a bunch of black smoke at idle. So right now, I’m not running any vacuum advance.

Overall, it’s running decently now, except for that shake at idle. I also took it out for its third cruise night this summer, though it started to rain a little over an hour after I got there and most people left. Lots of nice cars there before that, as usual.