It’s been awhile—I moved

Hey everyone, so as I’m sure you noticed, the site’s been offline for awhile and I haven’t posted any updates in awhile otherwise. I got a new job and moved to Cincinnati at the end of November. I’m just now getting my server and everything setup again.

With that being said, not much exciting has happened with my Mustang. I redid the front drum brakes back in October or November. New wheel cylinders, shoes, drums, hardware, etc. I’ve got pictures of the process but I’m not sure when I’ll get a post up for it. I think that’s about the only “big” thing I’ve done to it lately heh.

I did drive the Mustang when I moved from Kansas City to Cincinnati (about 600 miles), and I’m still driving it daily out here. It did pretty well on the trip for the most part. In St. Louis, the positive coil wire broke right where it goes into the connector for the coil post. I was able to get it patched on the side of the highway and then did a better fix in a parking lot, and that hasn’t given me anymore issues. The only other problem I ran into on the trip was the clutch return spring (between the clutch fork and the shock tower) broke when I was just a little past Indianapolis. It broke conveniently as I was pulling off the highway to get gas, so I was able to leave it in their parking lot for a bit. Thankfully my dad was in his car behind me and we were able to run to Carquest and find a universal spring that worked well enough. It’s definitely lighter than the old one though, and every once in awhile the pedal won’t fully return to the top. Otherwise, the trip was pretty uneventful.

Also, my speedometer cable broke a few days ago when it was like 5 degrees one morning. I think the cable probably just bound up in the outer housing and then snapped from being twisted. I’ve got a new one on order along with some other little things.