Speedometer cable replacement and door luck grommets

These are hardly worth mentioning, but eh why not. I mentioned before that my speedometer cable broke one morning when it was really cold. I replaced it a week or so later, back in January. I bought a Scott Drake assembly, with the new cable sheath and everything. It’s a pretty straightforward task, so I won’t really talk about the process. I did have the new cable break on me just a few days after I replaced it, though. I think I didn’t have the routing quite right—I went one direction around a bar behind the dash and I should’ve done it the other way. I picked up a universal cut-to-fit cable and replaced just the cable itself this time, and changed the routing around that bar as well. It’s been fine ever since, so hopefully it stays that way. Make sure to pay attention to how the cable goes or you get to replace it again :/

I also made a tiny change in the interior back in January as well. I changed from the standard clear plastic door lock grommets to a stainless steel and felt version that I believe they used in slightly later years with the Deluxe interior. So it’s definitely not a big change by any means, but I like them more—especially since the clear ones kept popping off the door.

Old clear lock grommet
Old clear
lock grommet
Stainless/felt lock grommet
lock grommet
Old and new speedometer cables
Old and new
speedometer cables
Broken speedometer cable piece
Broken speedometer
cable piece