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  1. Turn signal switch

    Okay, a very much delayed update—nothing new there, I suppose… Anyway, a few months ago I started having issues with my turn signals. The front ones worked fine if I remember right, but the rear ones were having issues. Something along the lines of the right one worked fine ...

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  2. Defroster and lighter

    When I ordered a few random parts last week, I was a little bit short on the amount for a minimum order. Since it’s starting to cool off and I remembered my old defroster hoses were falling apart, along with the ducts being gone, I figured I’d replace ...

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  3. Carb and ignition update

    I haven’t been messing with the Mustang quite as much lately. It also developed a hot start issue last night. I drove it to church, and it wouldn’t start afterward. I ended up getting a ride, then came back later and it started okay. It did the same ...

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  4. Back to work, little things

    I graduated last Sunday, May 20th. Got home a couple of days after that, and I’ve been working on the Mustang since then. I’ll be home until I’m able to find a job. I’ve made some progress, but nothing too obvious I guess. It still isn ...

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  5. Almost there

    Just about have the Mustang drivable. I came home for winter break a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been working on it basically everyday since. So far, I’ve (in no real order):

    • Finished welding a few spots on the floor that I missed over the summer
    • Painted ...
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