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  1. Floor pan paint

    I painted the floor pans on 8/23. Yet another near-midnight endeavor. I didn’t go all the way to the back with the paint, and just left the original grey there. It won’t be seen, so I wasn’t toooo worried about it since I was in a ...

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  2. Floor pan primer

    I put some primer on the floor pans, both top and bottom, on 8/22. I did that around midnight too, so yes I’m holding a shop light in the picture of me working on them. All of the surface rust that had formed while sitting was sanded off ...

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  3. Engine bay and firewall paint

    I went ahead and finished up the main patches for the engine bay (another one on the shock tower and one on the very front of the frame rail) and repainted it. I didn’t make it perfect because I’ll need to redo it whenever I take care of ...

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