Engine oil slinger clearance

Okay I guess this should’ve come before the finished engine pictures. That’s what happens when you try to do a mass 2 or 3 week blog update haha. When I first put it on the oil slinger was hitting the timing chain. The slinger had a lot of marks on it, so it was hitting on the previous engine build as well. I decided to bend it a little to give it some clearance. Using an idea from someone on the Fordsix Forums, I set it on a quart sized paint can and just hammered on it. I believe I used a wood block to spread some of the force out as I was doing it, at least some of the time. After a few tries of making it worse before getting it better, I got what I think is enough clearance. It’s at least not hitting while just sitting there like it was before.

Oil slinger - timing chain clearance
Oil slinger - timing chain