Almost there

Just about have the Mustang drivable. I came home for winter break a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been working on it basically everyday since. So far, I’ve (in no real order):

  • Finished welding a few spots on the floor that I missed over the summer
  • Painted the engine block gloss black, valve cover Ford Red
  • Replaced the starter
  • Replaced the battery
  • Rewired everything I disconnected
  • Installed an oil pressure gauge
  • Installed a tachometer
  • Installed the gas tank
  • Replaced the fuel hard line
  • Replaced all of the brake hard lines
  • Swapped over to a dual brake master cylinder from a ‘67 with the kit from CJPP
  • Started putting some seam sealer on the floors
  • Installed the carburetor (properly)
  • Installed the oil pump and pickup
  • Installed the oil pan (properly)
  • Put in a new clutch
  • Installed the ‘67 transmission
  • Replaced both u-joints in the driveshaft and replaced the slip yoke
  • Rebuilt and installed the heater box (partially, and I’ll need to redo it)
  • Fixed a parking brake bracket and got that working again
  • Replaced the driver’s side mirror
  • Installed a plastic cowl vent hat in the passenger’s side of the cowl
  • Installed the pushrods and the rockers

I think that’s about it. I’ve been trying to get the engine running, but I’m having fuel issues. It’s looking like the pump died while it was sitting or something. Have fuel in the line up to the pump, but then nothing after that.