Cylinder head volume

I checked the combustion chamber volumes on my new head last night. I picked up a syringe from Petsmart and used a piece of clear plastic from the front of a cd case. The first thing I did was mark the outline of the chamber on the plastic. Then I drilled a couple of holes in the plastic—one was just a 3/32” hole for a vent, the other about a 1/4” hole for filling the chamber. I used white lithium grease to seal the plastic to the head. Rubbing alcohol was used as the working fluid—it ended up rubbing a bunch of the numbers off the syringe though.

Cylinder 1 was 46cc, cylinder 3 was 44cc (though I spilled a little there, so it’s probably actually 45 or 46), cylinder 5 is 46cc. The first time I did cylinder 6 I got 51cc, then I repeated it and got 47cc. So overall it looks like they’re about 46cc.

The head gasket I have is a Victor, which has a compressed thickness of 0.044”. I don’t have a dial indicator so I can’t measure the deck clearance too accurately. Using estimated numbers from the Falcon Six Performance Handbook and the calculator on the handbook’s website of 0.012-0.025”, my compression ratio will be around 9.5 to 9.8:1. Little bit on the high side, but hopefully it’ll be okay.

And on a side note, I got the passenger side seat pan and the rear under seat patch mostly in today. That’ll be a later post.