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  1. Leaking exhaust valve

    So after some more testing, I found I have a leaking exhaust valve in cylinder 2. A couple of club members told me I definitely have a miss, so I did another compression check. I guess I must not have done another one after I replaced the head gasket. All ...

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  2. New valve springs

    Alrighty, so I decided that the 302HP valve springs I had weren’t going to work, at least not for my comfort level. I talked to the shop that built my engine and they recommended the Comp Cams 903-12 springs. They’re designed for a Ford 240/300 inline six ...

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  3. Cylinder head volume

    I checked the combustion chamber volumes on my new head last night. I picked up a syringe from Petsmart and used a piece of clear plastic from the front of a cd case. The first thing I did was mark the outline of the chamber on the plastic. Then I ...

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