Pilot bushing fun…

Finding the right pilot bushing has been lots of fun. Actually, I still haven’t gotten one. Since I’m running a ‘67 3.03 transmission, I need the pilot bushing to match that. The ‘65 2.77 trans had an input shaft 15/16” in diameter, while the 3.03’s is a more typical 1 1/16”. I tried to get the pilot bushing, throwout bearing, and a u-joint at NAPA on Saturday. It turns out they don’t get parts deliveries on Sunday. Nor did the other stores I tried. So I ended up just ordering on Sunday so they’d be there Monday. Then they somehow missed ordering the pilot, so it didn’t get there. I couldn’t find one in stock anywhere else, other than an extended one at an O’Reilly’s a little ways away. I figured it’d be best to stick with the normal length one though, since I don’t need the extended for my setup. I got the NAPA pilot on Monday, and it turned out to be way wrong. I’m guessing it’s for a V8 or something. The OD is about 1/2” too big. I’ll keep trying to find the right one. At least they’re cheap.

Pilot bushings--'65 2.77 on left, '67 3.03 in middle, NAPA on right (V8?)
Pilot bushings—‘65 2.77
on left, ‘67 3.03 in middle,
NAPA on right (V8?)
Old '67 3.03 pilot
Old ‘67 3.03 pilot