Still no luck (2bbl + vibration)

Well, it wasn’t really worth it’s own post, but I did put the transmission back in a couple days after I pulled it out. Vibration seems about the same, and I didn’t find any obviously loose bolts or anything with it apart. I should’ve checked the bellhousing run-out and a few other things, but I didn’t have the right tools and I don’t think anywhere around here sells good ones for it. But I really should’ve done things differently when I pulled the trans out… should’ve waited until the week after cruise night so I didn’t get in a rush to get it back together, should’ve run it with the transmission out, should’ve tried swapping to my old flywheel/clutch/trans/driveshaft, and so on…

It looks like the vibration is engine or flywheel related. Clutch in, rev it to 3000+ rpm, and it makes about the same vibration. So it shouldn’t be the transmission or driveshaft (though they could just make it worse :p ). Guess I’ll have to start pulling things and replacing them until I figure it out basically. Thankfully, I still have all of my old parts.

I’ve also tried the 2100 2 barrel carb a couple times since I got my oxygen sensor in. Turns it out it is running very lean unless I keep it pretty much fully choked, and then it jumps to being rich. Seems like kind of an odd transition—45-50 mV O2 output to about 800 mV with just a little more choke.

And I crossed the 1000 mile mark with it last week. I was at 1015 miles as of 11/08/12, somewhere more than that now. :)