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  1. Upper Cowl Removal

    As I mentioned in the last post, I started to remove the upper cowl so that I could do some rust repair on the lower cowl and upper firewall area. I was struggling with whether I should do this now or not since it seemed like it’d be a ...

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  2. March 2017 Status

    Okay, so trying not to fall a year behind on this again… here’s a current status update. I stopped driving it I think around mid-January so that I could do an engine swap and repair a small section of one of the front frame rails that was badly rusted ...

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  3. Driver’s Side Rear Torque Box

    (Work done around Dec 2015-April 2016)

    One of the main things that added some extra unplanned time to all the work was the replacement of the driver’s side rear torque box. The frame rail on the original one was in really bad shape from rust. I started poking around ...

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  4. DS cowl work

    The driver’s side still has (well, hopefully had…) some leaks. I never figured out for sure where it was leaking, but I’m sure the cowl opening was part of it like on the passenger’s side. I put one of the plastic cowl hats in place on the ...

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  5. More DS shock tower

    I pretty much have the driver’s side shock tower work finished up. I ended up needing to babysit my niece for a good portion of today (and tomorrow), so I couldn’t get quite as much done as I wanted to.

    I added a few little braces to the ...

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  6. Comparisons

    Decided to make a couple of quick comparison pictures between old and new instead of going back and forth or just remembering. Kinda cool.

    Engine and engine bay old vs. new
    Engine and engine bay
    old vs. new
    Floors old vs. new
    Floors old vs. new
  7. Floor pan paint

    I painted the floor pans on 8/23. Yet another near-midnight endeavor. I didn’t go all the way to the back with the paint, and just left the original grey there. It won’t be seen, so I wasn’t toooo worried about it since I was in a ...

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