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  1. Carb and ignition update

    I haven’t been messing with the Mustang quite as much lately. It also developed a hot start issue last night. I drove it to church, and it wouldn’t start afterward. I ended up getting a ride, then came back later and it started okay. It did the same ...

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  2. Doing a bit better

    I’ve been driving the Mustang around a fair bit the past few days. It’s giving me issues here and there, but overall it’s going pretty well.

    The idle is still rough with the engine shaking around, and nothing I’ve tried points to anything wrong. Idle a ...

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  3. Running and drivable!

    I was finally able to get it running back around January 11 or so. I replaced the fuel pump after doing a little more testing with it. It still wouldn’t start though. Eventually I decided to go back and look at a picture from when I first bought the ...

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