1. Floor pan primer

    I put some primer on the floor pans, both top and bottom, on 8/22. I did that around midnight too, so yes I’m holding a shop light in the picture of me working on them. All of the surface rust that had formed while sitting was sanded off ...

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  2. DS seat pan

    Next up was the driver’s side seat pan. I had already drilled all the holes for plug welding, so that saved a little time when it came to actually installing it. I also painted the underside of it beforehand. I lined the inside edge (the one along the tunnel ...

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  3. DS floor pan

    Whoo the fun part that makes the car feel much more complete and near being finished. I chose to just lap weld the driver’s side floor in as compared to the butt welding I did on the passenger’s side. This was mainly due to the time it would ...

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  4. DS front frame rail extension

    Nothing fancy here. Just drilled all the holes to plug weld the new extension in place through to the front frame rail and the floor support. Placed it where it needed to be front to back compared to a measurement made earlier from the rear edge of the front frame ...

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  5. DS toe board

    Next I installed the new driver’s side toe board. I didn’t cut quite as much of the old area out as I did on the passenger’s side. I didn’t want to have to remove the steering column, nor deal with making the correct holes in the ...

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  6. DS frame rail patch

    After removing the old driver’s side frame rail extension, it was clear a patch was needed for the back of the actual frame rail where it meets the extension. I cut out the old, and made a patch out of 14 ga., forming it on a concrete block with ...

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  7. DS inner rocker patches

    Just like on the passenger’s side, I had to make a few patches to the inner rocker on the driver’s side. Nothing too drastic, just cut out the areas with a cut off wheel, cut new pieces out of 14 ga. to fit, and welded them in. I ...

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  8. Driver’s side destruction

    Okay I haven’t been keeping up to date with this. The next several posts will be on stuff that I did a few weeks ago. I’m back at school now, so the car will hopefully be getting finished when I go home for winter break.

    I ripped out ...

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  9. PS rear under seat patch

    Since I cut out the floor above the rear torque box when I removed it, I needed to patch the floor. There’s a reproduction piece for it, but it has a tunnel for the parking brake cable, whereas my car has a flat floor with the cable mounted with ...

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  10. PS seat pan

    As I mentioned in my last post, I got the passenger side seat pan basically in place. It seems to be a little too narrow, but it’ll work.

    Passenger side seat pan in place
    Passenger side seat
    pan in place
    PS seat pan again
    PS seat pan again

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