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  1. V8 Suspension and Front Disc Brakes

    (Work done around Dec 2015-April 2016)

    The new front suspension itself was pretty straight forward, even throwing in some clean up of the shock towers and things like that. Everything is just plain parts swap outs and nothing too exciting to go into detail about. I mentioned it in the ...

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  2. V8 Suspension Swap

    Well, I got behind on this again. I did finish the V8 suspension swap/5-lug upgrade that I had mentioned in the last post. I got that finished up around April of 2016. It turned into a little bigger project than I was really planning, but what’s new there ...

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  3. Shelby/Arning drop completed

    I can finally call the Shelby/Arning drop complete… got it aligned this afternoon.

    Before that, though, I had to do just a little bit of filing to get the upper control arms to go in. I also had to hammer out the back of the driver’s side shock ...

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  4. More DS shock tower

    I pretty much have the driver’s side shock tower work finished up. I ended up needing to babysit my niece for a good portion of today (and tomorrow), so I couldn’t get quite as much done as I wanted to.

    I added a few little braces to the ...

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