1. Comparisons

    Decided to make a couple of quick comparison pictures between old and new instead of going back and forth or just remembering. Kinda cool.

    Engine and engine bay old vs. new
    Engine and engine bay
    old vs. new
    Floors old vs. new
    Floors old vs. new
  2. Running and drivable!

    I was finally able to get it running back around January 11 or so. I replaced the fuel pump after doing a little more testing with it. It still wouldn’t start though. Eventually I decided to go back and look at a picture from when I first bought the ...

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  3. Almost there

    Just about have the Mustang drivable. I came home for winter break a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been working on it basically everyday since. So far, I’ve (in no real order):

    • Finished welding a few spots on the floor that I missed over the summer
    • Painted ...
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  4. Engine oil slinger clearance

    Okay I guess this should’ve come before the finished engine pictures. That’s what happens when you try to do a mass 2 or 3 week blog update haha. When I first put it on the oil slinger was hitting the timing chain. The slinger had a lot of ...

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  5. More engine pics

    I put the engine together a little more on 8/23. I got the head torqued down, carb on, exhaust manifold on, water pump on, radiator in, timing cover and harmonic damper on, alternator partially in, and the valve cover is just sitting there. I repainted the air cleaner awhile ...

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  6. Pilot bushing fun…

    Finding the right pilot bushing has been lots of fun. Actually, I still haven’t gotten one. Since I’m running a ‘67 3.03 transmission, I need the pilot bushing to match that. The ‘65 2.77 trans had an input shaft 15/16” in diameter, while the 3 ...

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  7. Engine dropped in

    I got the engine dropped in on August 19/20. I did it around midnight—it was great fun. And pretty exciting. Not too much to say on this one, other than it looks pretty good sitting in there.

    Engine in the car!
    Engine in the car!
    Engine in, passenger side view
    Engine in, passenger
    side view
    Engine in, driver side view
    Engine in ...
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  8. New valve springs

    Alrighty, so I decided that the 302HP valve springs I had weren’t going to work, at least not for my comfort level. I talked to the shop that built my engine and they recommended the Comp Cams 903-12 springs. They’re designed for a Ford 240/300 inline six ...

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