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  1. Some tuning

    I’ve adjusted the 1100 carb quite a bit before, but nothing ever seemed to make all that much difference. Today I decided to do it again—this time using both the oxygen sensor and a vacuum gauge. I was able to lean it out quite a bit. I think ...

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  2. Carb and ignition update

    I haven’t been messing with the Mustang quite as much lately. It also developed a hot start issue last night. I drove it to church, and it wouldn’t start afterward. I ended up getting a ride, then came back later and it started okay. It did the same ...

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  3. Autolite 2100 update


    I’ve been working on getting the Autolite 2100 2 barrel installed and setup. I rebuilt it with a NAPA kit and installed a universal manual choke kit, though there’s no good place to mount one of the brackets so I’ll need to figure something else out ...

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  4. Start of 2 barrel carb upgrade

    There hasn’t been a lot to update on lately. I’ve just been driving it around a bit, tweaking a few random things here and there, took it to a cruise night, and so on. I haven’t really figured anything out on its idle issues or anything, sadly ...

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  5. Spring Break Work

    Well since I wasn’t able to get it licensed and what not back in January, I figured I could go home for spring break, finish it up, get it inspected and renew my plates, and drive it back to school. Unfortunately, things didn’t work too well and I ...

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