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  1. New Exhaust

    Another delayed update. I replaced the entire exhaust system back in June. I had a couple leaks around the muffler, all the pipes were really rusty, and the exhaust manifold was starting to crack, so I figured it’d be best if I went ahead and replaced it all.

    I ...

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  2. Cylinder Head Swapped

    I was able to get the cylinder head swapped on Monday. I changed over to the spare ‘66 head I have that was supposedly rebuilt 2000 miles ago. In the process, I also made sure to change over the valve springs between the two heads so that my performance springs ...

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  3. Leaking exhaust valve

    So after some more testing, I found I have a leaking exhaust valve in cylinder 2. A couple of club members told me I definitely have a miss, so I did another compression check. I guess I must not have done another one after I replaced the head gasket. All ...

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  4. Still running rough

    I haven’t had any luck getting the idle smoothed out yet. I’ve tried basically everything I can think of, along with all the suggestions from over at Fordsix.com. It’s still shaking, and still surging and jerking while at cruise (though I have a feeling the fix ...

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  5. Doing a bit better

    I’ve been driving the Mustang around a fair bit the past few days. It’s giving me issues here and there, but overall it’s going pretty well.

    The idle is still rough with the engine shaking around, and nothing I’ve tried points to anything wrong. Idle a ...

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  6. Back to work, little things

    I graduated last Sunday, May 20th. Got home a couple of days after that, and I’ve been working on the Mustang since then. I’ll be home until I’m able to find a job. I’ve made some progress, but nothing too obvious I guess. It still isn ...

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  7. Spring Break Work

    Well since I wasn’t able to get it licensed and what not back in January, I figured I could go home for spring break, finish it up, get it inspected and renew my plates, and drive it back to school. Unfortunately, things didn’t work too well and I ...

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